Passion for Cocktails

We are driven by our passion for cocktails and the goal to make bar-grade cocktails available to everyone at any time without much effort.

To be honest, initially „everyone“ was actually just ourselves. Whether we were looking for a good drink when friends came over, when going to a house-warming party or for accompanying a meal, we wanted something without having to prepare anything but make no compromises on quality.

After a long and rather painful endeavor trying to find good bottled cocktails, we couldn’t find any that could quite match what we were looking for. While there are plenty of options available, they either seem to mostly contain juice, low-quality spirits or are watered down. After all, there is a reason why „passion“ is derived from the Latin word for „suffer“ (and yes, we are being melodramatic here).

Years of Experience

After many years of experimentation and testing of recipes, we finally arrived at a selection we are proud of.

We use only high-quality ingredients, including the finest bitters, sirups…and of course spirits. For our base spirits, we exclusively use premium ones, all of which won international competitions for their taste. Note that we do not use any dairy products or fresh juice so our cocktails are as great after storing them as they are after bottling.

However, long before we started to sell bottled cocktails, we gathered valuable experience in mixology. As soon as we reached legal age, we started experimenting with cocktails. By visiting the worlds best cocktail bars, we learned a great deal what can move a good cocktail to world-class. However, possibly the most valuable experience came from our own bartending…